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As an artist and musician I have always enjoyed an intense relationship with my environment, whether it was the Worcestershire countryside,
city life in Birmingham, or now on the North Devon coast.

What I create is inspired by
What I see
what I feel
what I remember
and what I imagine


Time Catching is a 2006 album songs of love ,life,  loss and hope.
Four from the 1990s
reimagined and
re-recorded here alongside five written in the early 2000s and re-released in 2020.

""Time Catching"
Available via Bandcamp
CD and Download

As a painter, I try to capture my feelings about the environment I am in.
Drawing on memories, imagination and emotion.
I relish the tricks that light, perspective, colour, and construction play upon our senses.

VIADUCT AT MIELLE   100 X 100.jpg
CITYSCAPE 8A 20x60.jpg
STREET1 60X60.jpg

A lengthy involvement in set design for the stage, often within the British traditional theatre form of Pantomime, led to commissioned work as a children's book illustrator.


A storybook for sharing with children and grownups of all ages

top 1png.png

Margaret Mary and her faithful friends,
One  Eyed Eddy the teddy, and Dog the dog, go on an adventure to find the fearsome
Badgers of local legend
Despite warnings, brave Dog and timid little Eddy venture into the woodland jungle led by a determined Margaret Mary, where they confront their fears and learn the value of
friendship and trust.

The book has 25 full colour pages and is available directly from


Maggie Vincent Davies

Blue Poppy Publishing



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